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Dick,  good article, have you linked it on eham. net?

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 Note referenced article on ham radio.


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November 7, 2012
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*Secondary Emissions*

* Hams Step Up In Emergency Situations

Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor

Hurricane Sandy reminds us that amateur radio operators still can play a
vital role in emergency situations that challenge conventional
communications systems.

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* Tablet Tsunami: The iPad mini, Surface, And Others

Louis E. Frenzel, Communications Editor

According to some surveys, more than half of all Internet users in the U.S.
will have a tablet by the end of the year. But what tablets are they
buying? While Apple’s iPad mini and Microsoft’s surface are grabbing the
headlines, they will have plenty of competition before 2012 is over.

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* Read App Note: Effective Protection Against Transient Threats in
RS-485-based Systems<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?L4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWRQ=81>
RS-485-port interface requirements, transient and surge threats and issues
that can arise from handling and miswiring issues that can occur during
installation and commissioning make effective circuit protection essential.
Bourns' application note gives designers detailed information on how to
implement a variety of robust circuit protection solutions that meet the
transient standards for RS-485 serial device ports. * Download


* 64-Bit ARM And Windows 8 Systems Will Have An Impact

Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor

Two recent announcements will have an even bigger effect on the industry
than the latest iPad iteration: Arm’s Cortex-A50 and Microsoft’s Windows 8.

 Read Full Story<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?M4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWRP=111&s=w3hwn@arrl.net&YM_2MID=1350625&sfvc4enews=42>

*Demystifying Package Design*

* Expect 2012’s Packaging Co-Design Improvements To Continue Into 2013

Darvin Edwards, Contributing Technical Expert

Each year sees co-design software vendors vying with each other to produce
the best tools, innovating with the most improvements, gaining customer
mind share, and battling it out with competitors to win more seats and grow
their user base.

 Read Full Story<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?RYGrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWQ5=131&s=w3hwn@arrl.net&YM_2MID=1350625&sfvc4enews=42>

*Point Of View*

* Will LDE Stand Between You And Your Next Smart Device?

Tom Beckley, Cadence Design Systems

Compared to 28 nm, 20 nm potentially provides upwards of 20% improved
performance, 30% power savings, and a 50% area reduction that allows
designers to place between 8 billion and 12 billion transistors on a single
system-on-chip. However, some technical challenges must be resolved before
20 nm is widely adopted.

 Read Full Story<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?a4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWQz=151&s=w3hwn@arrl.net&YM_2MID=1350625&sfvc4enews=42>

*From Mobile Dev & Design*

* Cooperation Between Network Operators And Developers Will Benefit The M2M

Jurgen Hase, Deutsche Telekom

The latest forecasts hold forth the promise of enormous growth potential
for the M2M market in the years ahead, but cooperation will be required to
make full use of this potential.

 Read Full Story<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?D4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWQt=171&s=w3hwn@arrl.net&YM_2MID=1350625&sfvc4enews=42>

*Communications Techview*

* DSP Chips Form Ideal Foundation For White Space Radios

Louis E. Frenzel, Communications Editor

Texas Instruments’ multicore system-on-chip (SoC) processors are one good
way to implement radios for the new white space wireless standards. TI’s
KeyStone line consists of a mix of DSPs and RISC processors that can be
programmed to meet current and forthcoming white space standards.

 Read Full Story<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?K4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWQn=191&s=w3hwn@arrl.net&YM_2MID=1350625&sfvc4enews=42>

*Ideas For Design*

* We Want Your IFDs!

ED News Staff

Do you have a simple and practical solution to a common design problem? We
want to hear about it! And so do our readers, making our Ideas for Design
one of the most popular departments in Electronic Design. Submit your idea,
and you may see it in an upcoming issue. Contributors receive $150. For
details, check out our submission guidelines.

 Read Full Story<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?GYGrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWQR=211&s=w3hwn@arrl.net&YM_2MID=1350625&sfvc4enews=42>


 [image: []] <http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?G4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWQW=221>


[image: []]   Applications of the Platypus Cooperative Robotic Watercrafts
from Platypus - RoboBusiness 2012
[image: []]   Electronica News: Murata to Launch a World First At
Electronica 2012
[image: []]   Energy Monitoring and Efficiencies from Mitsubishi Electric -
PackExpo 2012


   1.  How Do Operational Amplifiers
   2.  Transistors, Tubes Sound The Same, It’s The Circuit Topologies That
   Differ <http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?QYGrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWT_=271>
   3.  What's All This P-I-D Stuff,
   4.  Build A Smart Battery Charger Using A Single-Transistor
   5.  Integrate Your Signals Before Digitizing


*How to Choose the Right Computer for Your Instrument Control System
>From National Instruments
 Download now.<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?E4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWTj=311>
Next-Generation IDE: Maximizing IP Reuse
>From Atmel
 Download now.<http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?f4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWTY=321>

* Watch quickCast: MOSFET Solutions for Test &
Through partnerships with many of today’s leading Test and Measurement
OEM’s, Omron has been at the forefront of the development of MOSFET relays
that are closely aligned with the specific switching needs of the
engineering community. An entire family of solid state MOSFET relays are
available in a variety of package sizes with features that allow for dense
board mounting, superior switching speeds and an overall decrease in
maintenance and redesign costs.Register now for this on-demand
webcast. *Register
now!* <http://link.electronicdesign.com/u.d?S4GrzgtrWJSpWWcJdWTS=341>


*Watch Webcast: Safety Challenges for Motor Control Electronics
Live on Nov. 7 @ 2:00 PM ET *
*Sponsored by Texas Instruments     *
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