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Phil philmt59 at
Mon Nov 19 11:03:49 CST 2012

My recollection is that Windows followed the 'Microsoft model" made popular by MS-DOS; that is, every other version alternated god and bad.

DOS 1; no other choice
DOS 2; bloated version of DOS 1
DOS 3; crap, but 3.1 fixed the bugs
DOS 4; hopeless
DOS 5; at last, a good DOS

Similarly, every other Windows version was garbage. I'm glad that old traditions are coming back.

Phil M1GWZ

On 19 Nov 2012, at 15:35, Andre Kesteloot wrote:

> Before Win XP, the previous versions of Windows used to lock-up fairly regularly; then  came  fairly robust XP, then weird Vista, and then Win7, which by all account, operates quite well.
> We are pleased to notice that Windows has returned to its original tradition: Windows 8  apparently randomly locks up...
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