FedEx slogan

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Wed Nov 21 05:17:31 CST 2012

Joseph Bento <joseph at> writes:

> A quick Google search seems to indicate that that sticker may have
> something to do with "actual and dimensional weight".  Whatever that
> means.

Dimensional weight means that one pays a certain minimum amount per
cubic inch even if a parcel is freakishly light.  The colloquial term
for this happening among mail room staff seems to be "cubed out".

Example: I sent a Mac Pro to Melody in Portland, OR and an empty Mac
Pro shipping box to Cathy in Jackson, WY.  This is a large (and heavy)
tower computer.  Both boxes went via FedEx Ground.

The 55 pound full box was about $50 to ship.  The 12 pound empty box
(OK, so it had the styrofoam blocks in it) was $40 to send a shorter

Make sense?


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