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Glenn Baumgartner gbaumgartner2 at verizon.net
Sat Nov 24 07:46:29 CST 2012

AMRAD and  VWS the EME plan for 1&2 Dec is coming together pretty well. 
Dish on working Az-EL pedestal, Feed horn mounted.. JT-65 program loaded 
and working,  LNAs work, Tx works. Much thanks for the helping hands 
last weekend.
       HPA testing today as well as feed line line installations and 
lots..and lots of little ankle-biter stuff working all day Sat and 
Sunday and perhaps Friday  (show time is very early in the am on next 
Sat 1 Dec.  All are welcome to look and gawk and or work when and if you 
have time.  lookers/ learners most welcome.  73 for now.. Glenn B  AK4QJ

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Subject: 	1296 EME attempt on 12 Dec '12
Date: 	Thu, 15 Nov 2012 20:43:12 -0500
From: 	Glenn Baumgartner <gbaumgartner2 at verizon.net>
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Good Evening AMRAD.  After the semi-successful 2 meter EME effort two 
years ago out at the Midland VA.  Airport that some of you heard about, 
I have been accumulating materials for a bit more ambitious effort with 
a 10 foot dish at 1296 MHz.  Predictions are that a 10 ft dish and 150 
watts can JUST barely let you hear your own echos and direct human copy 
CW is also possible for the larger distant end stations.  Most contacts 
will be on WSJT,  JT-65B of course which some of you know sounds 
somewhat like the movie Close Encounters Of the Third Kind.
     So here is my proposal. /With some help from AMRAD Tacoistas /the 
kit of materials I have on hand can become an EME station in the next 
two weeks. ( "some assembly required"). Anyone interested?  ALL skill 
levels are more than welcome. Computer guys, mechanical, wiring, 
connector work, some grunt labor, there are LOTS of parts to a quick EME 
     Presently I plan to start a work / planning day on Saturday at 
09:00.  at my house, 8932 Victoria Rd.,  Springfield VA. 22151. My phone 
is 703-239-0125, cell  703-505-1872.  Even if you have only a few hours 
please come.  Workers, learners, the curious, the CW capable,  all are 
welcome.  Real knowledge of the low microwave bands is NOT necessary.  
1296 is really just triple 440 UHF work.
     Pizza drinks are on me.  Glenn Baumgartner.. AK4QJ (formerly  Ka0ESA)
     P.S.   Same drill for Sunday this week but 11:00 start time.

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