A tunable polarizer / optical antenna

Mike ODELL mo at ccr.org
Sat Nov 24 10:24:38 CST 2012

how fast it switches is a key question for use as
a modulator. having an element that can generate 
polarization "phases" might be very cool if they can
create a detector that can sense polarization phase.

some folks in Ireland I know have figured out how 
to make tunable lasers QSY in a very few nanoseconds.
more importantly, they turn it off and then turn it on
again on the new frequency (wavelength) without
"spinning the VFO knob with the key down"
as previous efforts at dynamic tuning have produced.

this lets them send packets on different wavelengths
back to back with one laser.

net result is a pure optical network composed of a stack
of ring networks in different colors, one per destination,
all running on one fiber ring structure.

very very cool indeed.


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