Just say no to driverless cars ?

Richard O'Neill richardoneill at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 14:40:00 CST 2012

  Well, I suppose computer controlled cars could eventually become 
accepted by the lemming masses - rushing between work and home each day. 
However, that type of conveyance isn't for me.

  Will these 'auto cars' be able to watch other drivers and anticipate / 
react to unpredictable behavior as well as humans? I don't think so. 
Besides, once generally accepted, next thing you know commercial 
aircraft will be on auto pilot from takeoff to landing.

  Makes me wonder what the outcome of that bird struck aircraft that 
safely landed ever so gracefully on the Hudson by an experienced glider 
pilot would have been with computers in control. Probably a programmed 
announcement to bend over and kiss it goodbye. =-O


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