Ultra Low Noise Transistor

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Today at tacos we were discussing a low noise transistor I found. It 
comes from RF Micro Devices (RFMD).  They make a whole line of these and 
I picked the SPF-5122Z.  You can find lots of information at


The data sheet includes a sample PC layout along with the other info.  A 
good writeup is at


I have ordered a bag of these and should have them by the next tacos 
gathering.   You have to buy 25 minimum quantity at $2.23 each.   A pair 
of these might make a very high performance HF loop antenna amplifier.   
It makes a great 2 meter preamp and we are installing one at the Dulles 
Amateur Radio Group repeater.  We shall see how it works out.  I am glad 
to share these so don't feel you have to buy a bag just to try one out.

Frank K0BRA

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