Ultra Low Noise Transistor

Alberto di Bene dibene at usa.net
Sun Dec 2 09:14:19 CST 2012

On 12/2/2012 1:41 AM, fgentges at mindspring.com wrote:

> /Today at tacos we were discussing a low noise transistor I found.  It comes from RF Micro Devices (RFMD).
> They make a whole line of these and I picked the SPF-5122Z.  You can find lots of information at//
> / /
> / ///https://estore.rfmd.com/RFMD_Onlinestore/Products/RFMD+Parts/PID-P_SPF-5122Z.aspx?DC=25//
> / 

Have you seen this one? :


 From the NF point of view, it looks a bit better. It stops at 2GHz, not at 4 like yours, but that should not be a 

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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