Ultra Low Noise Transistor

Mike O'Dell mo at 131.ccr.org
Sun Dec 2 13:27:57 CST 2012

Freescale just announced a mess of new power RF parts.

One goes 0.1MHz to north of 500MHz doing 100watts output
into a max of 65:1 VSWR with only a watt or so of drive,
and it's *linear*. Internal stabilization parts, too,
so it needs very very few external parts. HF-440 at
full power with only one broadband final. wow!

and they have some designed for Doherty topology amps
where a pair gets 500 watts and can be ganged for more.
they also announced some parts to make the dynamic power
supply control easier to do as well so they can behave
as Class A without the continuous power burn.

The cellular guys really have done us all a lot of favors,
both base station and for hand-helds as well.


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