FW: Flipping a coin ?

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Believe it or not ----

I once had a nickel that had become lodged in the car keys in my pocket.
When I removed these keys from my pocket to place them on my dresser the
nickel came out of the keys, flipped and landed on it's edge, standing
straight up ... never falling on it's side. It remained in that condition
until I pushed it to one side.

This nickel was one of the older Indian Head ones with the Buffalo on the
other side.  I doubt the newer Jefferson ones could stand straight up.  I
know the reason for this but will only discuss this point in private.  With
a little thought you may be able to figure this out.


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On 12/4/2012 11:38 PM, Joseph Bento wrote:
> How about the infinitesimal odds that it will land on its edge?

  If a flipped coin landed on its edge it could not remain there. 
However, it could land nearly flat side down thereby transferring most 
its rotational energy as it bounced and use the remaining energy to 
right itself and possibly stabilize on its edge. Though possible, the 
odds of that occurring are extremely slim.
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