Thermoelectric Generators

Richard O'Neill richardoneill at
Mon Dec 10 09:56:26 CST 2012

"They were actually using these in NYC shelters to charge things like
cellphones after Sandy. They apparently work pretty well."


  So, these devices do have some practicality after all, at least in an urban environment - following a major calamity. Can you direct me to any links that describe their use following Sandy's passage? Personally, in that sort of situation I'd place far higher priority on obtaining shelter, potable water and food than recharging a cell phone. My, how times have changed. I suppose these devices are now considered essential for urban folks used to a daily reliance on them.

  I can see where such a puny power source such as this could be a life saver for those otherwise unprepared for an infrastructure collapse. Few really are. However, the fact that these devices require three to five hours of burn time to recharge a cell phone seems pitifully inadequate for all but the most dire circumstances - which did exist for so many for far longer than they ever expected. The Boy Scout motto about always being prepared is still good advice.


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