Thermoelectric Generators

Mike O'Dell mo at
Wed Dec 12 13:03:03 CST 2012

great, Terry!

the automatic load management thing wasn't on the
market when i had to freeze our choice. I'm glad
it has worked out well for you!

the ability to stagger-start big loads can
help a lot, too, and many AC/HeatPump units can
do that now.  Each one is set to a different
delay which comes into play only on loss of mains power.
then when the mains come back, they don't all try
to get through the door at the same time.

even some disk drives can now be configured to delay spin-up
by a number of seconds based on the drive serial number.
that way, in a data center with 50,000 disks, they spin up
essentially randomly, over a few minutes.


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