AMRAD Nominations for Directors and Alternates

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Wed Dec 12 16:37:18 CST 2012

As announced by President Rinaldo W4RI at the general meeting of AMRAD on
November 8, 2012 nominations are open for Directors. AMRAD has five
directors and two alternates. Directors serve for two year terms. Two
positions expire on even years and three positions expire on odd years.
Alternates serve one year terms.
Current Directors are:
    Bill Fenn N4TS
    Terry Fox WB4JFI
    Frank Gentges K0BRA
    George Lemaster WB5OYP
    Paul Rinaldo W4RI
Alternates are:
    Rob Seastrom AI4UC
    Paul Mooney K4KRE
The Director terms for Terry Fox and George Lemaster end this year. 
The two nominees receiving the highest vote counts at the December business
meeting are elected as Directors. Those receiving the third and fourth
largest number of votes are elected as Alternates.
You may submit nominations to the Secretary at W4KRL at
<>  up to the day before the meeting
on December 13.
Officers are selected by the Directors at a Directors' meeting in the early
part of the year.
Thank you,
Karl Berger, W4KRL
W4KRL at <> 


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