Need an "Audible Frequency Announcement Feature"

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Sat Dec 15 20:56:57 CST 2012

TO: Anyone at AMRAD interested in helping Danny Dyer (WB4IDU):

Danny is looking for a way to get an "audible frequency announcement 
feature" added to a Kenwood TS-140 transceiver for a blind ham.

His original request for help follows:
Is there A place Anywhere in either the RX or Oscillator chain, to tap 
and read-out, Somewhere on the TS140, with a either a FreqMite, or 
Stinger Singer, so as to be able to read the tuned frequency, or a 
useable multiple there of, so that a blind OP, can determine received freq?

I realize that, if necessary, a lower power xmit read out is doable, but 
somewhere in the RX chain would obviously be better !  Any suggestions 
are welcome !

Your forwarding this to any lists you're part of which might be helpful 
is fine as well !

To All On These Lists, For All You Are And All You Do,

Many Thanks From,
And Please Reply Direct To,
Danny Dyer, Wb4idu
ddyer1 at

     Terry McCarty
    3t3 at

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