AM transmitter auction

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Yes, they're severe but not so much so that they render Part 15 
devices unusable. How many reports have we read about people
parking their cars outside a hot spot (Mickey D's, for example) and 
surfing away? I have a Part 15 doorbell (button by the back door
talking to a receiver plugged into a wall socket) that carries 
through an exterior and several interior walls, and occasionally goes off
in response to a button-push at somebody else's house. (My doorbell 
is the Big Ben chime; the alien's, source unknown, is the
12 Days of Christmas. All year.)


At 12:03 AM 12/15/2012, you wrote:
>Part 15 transmitters inside a home don't make it to the curb. If they
>do, they are illegal.
>The Part 15 restrictions are severe.
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>>I have friends who set up a part 15 "talking house" station on 1620
>>KHz in Sterling, and made two comical ads for their gym, that played
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