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Isn't Part 15 what those low-power realtor transmitters work under?  You 
know, the ones that offer a description of the house for sale that you are 
in front of...  If it's illegal for their to transmitter to reach the curb, 
doesn’t that make them pretty much useless?  Or illegal as well?  I didn't 
know that a "curb" was an official unit of measurement. Hi hi.

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Yes, they're severe but not so much so that they render Part 15
devices unusable. How many reports have we read about people
parking their cars outside a hot spot (Mickey D's, for example) and
surfing away? I have a Part 15 doorbell (button by the back door
talking to a receiver plugged into a wall socket) that carries
through an exterior and several interior walls, and occasionally goes off
in response to a button-push at somebody else's house. (My doorbell
is the Big Ben chime; the alien's, source unknown, is the
12 Days of Christmas. All year.)


At 12:03 AM 12/15/2012, you wrote:
>Part 15 transmitters inside a home don't make it to the curb. If they
>do, they are illegal.
>The Part 15 restrictions are severe.
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>>I have friends who set up a part 15 "talking house" station on 1620
>>KHz in Sterling, and made two comical ads for their gym, that played
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