Nasa to test 'sleep-inducing lights'

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Tue Dec 18 17:34:21 CST 2012


After reading the below link,

/A lighting module that changes from blue to red is to be installed on 
the International Space Station to help regulate astronauts' sleeping 
patterns. //
//< > /

I decided to  run a program on my laptop that would slowly turn the 
colors more "warm" as the evening progresses (after sunset).
The idea is that the neutral white coming off the display is too "blue" 
for night time, and that makes your body think that it's daytime.
By slowly making the display more red, you tell you brain that it's time 
for sleep.
The change is so slow as to be imperceptible.
The top of the screen first becomes slightly reddish, while the bottom 
of the screen is still white.
Don't try this while driving :-)


PS: Oooops, 6 pm already, it's time to go to bed   :-)
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