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Here is a good activity for your spare time in this holiday season: Please
mark up this list of AMRAD accomplishments with the general dates (spring
2003, June 2007, etc.) and e-mail it back to me. Any other information
(names, call signs, locations) would also be useful. Also add any
accomplishments worthy of inclusion in the list.



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AMRAD Accomplishments

Over the years, AMRAD has been instrumental in advancing amateur radio
technology and in telecommunications for persons with disabilities.

Here are our accomplishments:

Educational Activities:

*	Sponsored and/or hosted three ARRL Digital Communications
Conferences in the Washington, DC area.
*	Convened 1999 AMRAD Technical Symposium in Falls Church, VA.
*	Authored the ARRL's Spread Spectrum Sourcebook (used as a reference
in the IEEE individual learning course).
*	Contributed to the spread spectrum material in the ARRL Handbook.
*	Hold monthly meetings devoted to presentations on technical subjects
(recently including multimedia, radio local area networks, software defined
radio, ultrawideband technology and digital broadcasting).
*	Meet weekly at Saturday luncheons to exchange ideas and project
*	Continue to publish the authoritative AMRAD Newsletter as a source
for experimental information.
*	Provided judges for Northern Virginia science fairs.


*	Made the first HF contact on packet radio on the east coast of the
*	AMRAD/W4RI and K2SZE aired first amateur spread spectrum
transmissions on HF.
*	Tested police radars for susceptibility to amateur transmitters.
*	Operated low-frequency (LF) transmitters in Northern Virginia under
an FCC experimental license.
*	Jointly with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and the
Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC), AMRAD sponsored competition for first
successful amateur transatlantic transmissions at LF.
*	AMRAD/AA4HS operates a radio receiver remotely controlled via the


*	Developed the AX.25 amateur packet protocol which was adopted by
AMSAT and standardized by ARRL Digital Committee.
*	Built and operated a landline computer bulletin boards believed to
be the second in the USA.
*	Built and operated one of the first radio bulletin boards in the
*	Designed and constructed the AMRAD-OSCAR 27 satellite payload in
conjunction with EYESAT.
*	Designed the popular AMRAD/KØBRA active antenna published in QST.
*	Developed the Computer Assisted Relay System used by many statewide
deaf TTY relay services.
*	Developed the first BBS based ASCII-to-TTY converter ("TEDIVERTER")
for deaf telecommunications.
*	Contributed to FCC rules on spread spectrum and conducted spread
spectrum testing with the FCC.

Operational Activities:

*	Provided safety communications for cross country races.
*	Operate the W4CIA <>  (formerly WD4IWG) FM
repeater on 147.81/147.21 MHz near Tysons Corner, VA for use by
*	Operated the Handicapped Educational eXchange (HEX) BBS for use with
ASCII and TTY modems.
*	Provided Internet access for the Northern Virginia Resource Center
for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons.


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