anyone got some flex metal conduit or liquidtite in the junk box?

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Sun Dec 23 17:15:39 CST 2012

Hey folks,

I have a little project I'm doing involving a 100A subpanel in the
basement which will eventually be turned into the the main service

Without going into my logic and reasoning (which would be another
whole different posting), it appears that for this application it
would be better to be pulling THHN (3-3-3-8) in conduit rather than
wrestling 2-2-2-4 SER into place.

Soooo...  before I go out and drop bucks on a 50 foot box (is this
really the least amount of this stuff you can buy?) does anyone have
some extra 1.5" FMC, LFMC, or LFNC?  I figure I need qty(2) 15 foot
sections, and this is just the kind of folks I'd expect to have a
stash of Liquid-Tite sitting around.


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