A technical solution to a social problem

Dan Romanchik KB6NU cwgeek at kb6nu.com
Sat Dec 29 06:22:01 CST 2012

I like it that the website specifies that the helmets are "for adults and children abducted by aliens from space," as compared to aliens say from the other side of the border.


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On Dec 29, 2012, at Dec 29,4:28 AM, Paul Dluehosh wrote:
> from K2BFY:
> The only safe material is 3M Velostat as shown here:
> http://www.stopabductions.com/
> 73
> Paul -- N4PD
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> On Dec 28, 2012, at 20:15, Alex Fraser <beatnic at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I'm sure some of you guys will want to do this...
>> http://youtu.be/LPs9U07jMf4
>> Besides the application I show in the video I'm working on some Faraday boxer shorts for frequent air travelers.  The video runs 2' 43"

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