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Andre, tacoistas,

For more detail on breaking the tunny system:

See http://www.rutherfordjournal.org/article030109.html

It was more difficult and used the Colossus computer which was the first 
digital computer that was held secret for a long time and was only 
recently recognized as the first.  There is now a working model at 
Bletchly even though the wartime units were all destroyed after the war.

I visited Bletchly some years ago and they were attempting to collect 
the parts from the WW2 era to duplicate the computer.  Since then they 
have succeeded in building it and demonstrated it as working.

Jerry Roberts looks to be the last of the group doing this work that is 
still alive.  It is nice to see his being recognized with the MBE  known 
as /*Member* of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire/ (MBE).

Frank K0BRA

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