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As a follow-up, Dave has had his Raspberry Pi IRLP node up and running since 
New Years Eve.  He just posted some directions on how to build a node to the 
IRLP group.  It probably makes sense to look at using the Pi instead of an 
older desktop computer, as the power required by the Pi will be a tiny 
fraction of the desktop.  I'm moving in that direction, as I didn't want to 
leave yet another desktop running 24/7, but a Pi is a different story.

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Dave Cameron, the main honcho of IRLP is working on an IRLP implementation
using the Raspberry Pi instead of a traditional PC box.  He has the IRLP
hardware board interfaced to the Pi GPIO connector, and is making great
progress.  Talk about a lower-cost, lower-powered IRLP node if he gets it
all working.  I'm still a little concerned about the Pi's power issues, but
that may be resolved with the newer Linux distros.  I'd be glad to see this,
as I have a spare Pi and would not mind replacing my wasteful IRLP computer
with the tiny Pi.

He is also working at moving regular IRLP nodes from Centos to Debian.
Terry, WB4JFI

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