Raspberry_Pi furor....

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Fri Jan 4 14:36:25 CST 2013

Yes, it seems so.
If the Pi works out to be as useful and reliable as the old Xerox 820s, then 
we are in for a fun ride.

I'm seeing Pis being used for IRLP nodes, TNCs, APRS, and other stuff 
already.  Check out the Raspberry Pi ham radio group:

It would be nice if AMRAD were to focus on either the Pi or Arduino, and 
create some ham-specific projects, like we did in the old 820 days.  Anybody 
interested in creating - and documenting - some projects?  Linux is a little 
like CP/M... (obtuse DDT, PIP, STAT,  etc.. commands)!!

Terry, WB4JFI

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i'm having deja vu all over again.

the frenzy over the Raspberry_Pi board reminds me a lot
of when the Xerox 820 boards showed-up in the surplus stream
for a pittance.


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