OT: What's in a USB cable?

Phil philmt59 at aol.com
Sun Jan 6 05:13:10 CST 2013

There's a USB Nerf Cannon? !!! :-) !!! How long 'til Christmas?

Phil M1GWZ

On 6 Jan 2013, at 01:31, Mike O'Dell wrote:

> yup - leaving an antenna connected to a USB port is a bad idea, especially a USB 2.0 port
> the "device enumeration" which takes place to allow "hot-plugging" USB goobers is a non-trivial
> process which ties-up the CPU for stretches because the guys who designed the USB protocols
> made the classic mistake of assuming the computer has nothing better to do that wet-nurse
> USB host control chips, especially when it's doing a "hot-plug" operation because what on earth
> could be more important than plugging in a USB Nerf Cannon?  There are better controller chips
> which take less CPU intervention, but there are a lot of USB 1.0 and early 2.0 ports out there with 
> really, really brain-dead controllers.
>     -mo

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