Exponential growth

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> On 1/8/2013 11:09 AM, Andre Kesteloot wrote:
>> Apparently, American (native) Indians, when they moved in group, would task one of theirs to look backwards from time to time, in order to memorize the view that they would to need to see to be able to return to their village. 
> Yep, I've practice that technique when hiking in the wilds and when hunting in unknown regions. It's helped me return to my camp/car more than once. These days I still practice it but also carry a compass and GPS, just in case. ;-)   BTW, the old trick of reading moss around the base of trees to locate north on overcast days isn't all that reliable. Moss grows everywhere! =-O
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These days, you can also look at what direction the DBS antennas are pointing if no moss is available.


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