More info on the (nearly) free servers

John Teller jsteller at
Tue Jan 8 20:01:01 CST 2013

I'm planning on making it to tacos on the 19th, and will bring as many 
of these as possible with me.

Also here's some more info on what you'll get for $15

+ A 1U server with slides, single Xeon 2.8 GHz processor, 2 Gig RAM and 
+ The servers come with two SCSI hard drives - they have been running 
continuously since they were installed in 2005, so they are all going to 
be somewhat noisy.
+ I/O includes one DE-9 serial port, two 1-Gig Ethernet ports, two USB-2 
ports, VGA Video port, PS/2 mouse & keyboard ports.
+ Most servers have two power supplies, but don't count on it.
+ NO operating system, other than an ancient version of Debian Linux.  
Some servers have a Winderz 2003 license sticker - but don't count on it.

These are large industrial servers, meant to be installed in a rack in a 
dedicated computer room.  They feature many loud fans - not something 
you'd tuck into a corner of the living room.  Also, because they are 
servers, their graphical abilities are pretty rudimentary, consisting of 
a single cheerful VGA connector with only 16 MB video memory.  However, 
it is enough to run a desktop - but nothing more sophisticated than that.

Check the Dell site for PowerEdge 1850 specs - these will all fall under 
the base model configuration.

The IT guy here at Current (no, we don't make BPL stuff any more!) would 
like a check for $15 for each server - with the serial number of 
whichever box(es) you take with you written in the memo spot. The check 
should be made out to Current Group, LLC.  BTW - I'm not making anything 
on the deal.

I can guarantee that the server will work when you take it home and plug 
it in - if it doesn't we'll replace it as long as there are any servers 
left to replace it with!  If you decide you don't want it after all, 
I'll give you back your $15 - it's worth at least that much to a scrapper.


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