More info on the (nearly) free servers

Joseph Bento joseph at
Tue Jan 8 21:28:29 CST 2013

On 1/8/2013 7:01 PM, John Teller wrote:
> I can guarantee that the server will work when you take it home and 
> plug it in - if it doesn't we'll replace it as long as there are any 
> servers left to replace it with!  If you decide you don't want it 
> after all, I'll give you back your $15 - it's worth at least that much 
> to a scrapper.
Too bad Virginia is such a long distance from Utah.  I wouldn't mind 
having another one of these.   I configured one of these old Dell 
servers removed from service at my work as a departmental web server.  I 
removed some virus known as Windows 2000 that was previously installed 
and installed a Debian Linux flavor.  Been running flawlessly for nearly 
three years.

Joe, N6DGY

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