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Rapidrails or ???


John Teller <jsteller at> writes:

> I'm planning on making it to tacos on the 19th, and will bring as many
> of these as possible with me.
> Also here's some more info on what you'll get for $15
> + A 1U server with slides, single Xeon 2.8 GHz processor, 2 Gig RAM
> and CD-ROM.
> + The servers come with two SCSI hard drives - they have been running
> continuously since they were installed in 2005, so they are all going
> to be somewhat noisy.
> + I/O includes one DE-9 serial port, two 1-Gig Ethernet ports, two
> USB-2
> ports, VGA Video port, PS/2 mouse & keyboard ports.
> + Most servers have two power supplies, but don't count on it.
> + NO operating system, other than an ancient version of Debian Linux.
> Some servers have a Winderz 2003 license sticker - but don't count on
> it.
> These are large industrial servers, meant to be installed in a rack in
> a dedicated computer room.  They feature many loud fans - not
> something you'd tuck into a corner of the living room.  Also, because
> they are servers, their graphical abilities are pretty rudimentary,
> consisting of a single cheerful VGA connector with only 16 MB video
> memory.  However, it is enough to run a desktop - but nothing more
> sophisticated than that.
> Check the Dell site for PowerEdge 1850 specs - these will all fall
> under the base model configuration.
> The IT guy here at Current (no, we don't make BPL stuff any more!)
> would like a check for $15 for each server - with the serial number of
> whichever box(es) you take with you written in the memo spot. The
> check should be made out to Current Group, LLC.  BTW - I'm not making
> anything on the deal.
> I can guarantee that the server will work when you take it home and
> plug it in - if it doesn't we'll replace it as long as there are any
> servers left to replace it with!  If you decide you don't want it
> after all, I'll give you back your $15 - it's worth at least that much
> to a scrapper.
> ---JST
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